The MRC+T-E post repair system is designed for any format. The lacquer is applied in a spray station and it is dried in a convective tower oven. The conveyor speed is adjustable from 100 up to 500 ends per minute for ¼ club or equivalent and up to 600 ends per minute for round ends.

By means of the downstacker that has a turned end and low level detector installed, the ends are driven to the spray station, there, two airless spray guns, by means of a followercam system, apply the lacquer copying exactly the score line end geometry.

A dog chain conveys the end with a forward and stop movement to the oven.

The vertical oven completely integrated in the compact unit design provides the necessary temperature and time to achieve the lacquer curing. The oven incorporates a cooling chamber to decrease the temperature at the oven exit. The temperature range goes from 60°C up to 200°C using the new hot air generator developed with Peñalver. The heating and cooling are produced by convection inside the oven, for this purpose the oven has ventilation turbines and a fume outlet. The oven is supplied with electric heaters or a gas burner (100mbar or 1bar) depending on the customer's preferences. By construction and design jams and end damages are nearly impossible. Fans in the oven are equiped with security systems to assure that the flows are correct and an accumulation of gases fail will never occure. A VOC level monitor always advises if the % in the oven begins to be dangerous.

The unit includes an electrical cabinet and lacquer equipment (own or shared). The PLC and control system are located in the electrical cabinet, on which the temperature and revolution gauges are visible. In the lacquer cabinet is installed a security system to behave so that leakages do not appear on the hoses. All the electric components installed are explosion proof and ATEX certified.


On the unit, a button and synoptic panel show the alarms and other relevant information. The lacquer system includes a pump and other devices such as filters and regulators for the required application within the established parameters. The desired amount of lacquer per end can be achieved (within a range) by modifying the pump pressure and installed nozzle (different flow).

The Peñalver machines incorporate a semi-manual grease system and automatic oiling system, reducing drastically the maintenance time and increasing the machine's lifetime. Also the unit includes a pneumatic system for the automatic tensing oven chain, ends feeding and opening and closing of the oven's front bottom doors. Due to its configuration, the machines are easy to install and to join adjacent processes, such as conversion presses, automatic bagging stations, etc.


- Any format in the same machine.

- 500 epm in oval and rectangular ends in single lane.

- Two airless spray guns by means of a follower-cam system.

- Exact copy of the score line end geometry.