The MER+ has been designed thinking of the growing market for big ends and those can maker companies that demand high speed with an exceptional quality. For all these proposals Peñalve has created this machine which is able to curl and apply compound to all kind of non-round ends with the highest speed in the world [once again].

The liner is totally different to the traditional systems available at the moment, with an external shape similar to our well-known MER-600 liner but with a simple and revolutionary mechanism in its interior. Curling, lining, high production, saving spaces... all this features in just 1.3 m2.

The machine consists of feeding tower fixed to a four stations table. After this, there is a curling station with a dying tool that completes the total curl of the end [previously precurled]. The lining is performed by one or two Peñalver guns by means of a follower cam that copies the exact geometry of the end.

To dry the compound, the production line incorporates a single lane convection oven that reaches temperatures greater than 100°C. Inside the oven, there is a heating chamber that provides air through a generator to dry off the compound.


The machine is equipped with some safety and control mechanisms to immediately detect any anomalies that might be produced in the machine. These devices act immediately, stopping the unit, or preventing it from starting, whichever is the case. Using a control panel, which incorporates a touch screen and buttons to take control of the machine, one can control whatever fault has occurred (start and stop of different transmissions, start / stop turbines, heat, end feeds, compound application, compound lining time, speed adjustment, synchronisation between equipment elements, blockages in the machine, etc.).


- Any kind of end up to 232 x 232 mm.

- Up to 100 epm for the biggest end size.

- No maintenance (no oils, dry rotary union).

- Small dimensions.

- Optional dual loop oven for extra cured time.

- Optional precurler.