Since long ago in the manufacturing of non-round ends, the compound lining has being a challenge of speed and quality. To solve this problem in the canmaking industry, Peñalver applying its wide experience in design and machine manufacturing has developed a new curler-liner that allows achieving a high production with an excellent quality.

Due to its double curling-lining operation, this machine can substitute several traditional liners besides the curling presses, obtaining therefore, a great saving of investment, power and space. The curler-liner is designed for several end sizes up to 1/2 oval (1/4 club, 1/4 oval, dingley, etc.)

The liner can be manufactured to work with steel or aluminium ends reaching a working speed of 600 ends per minute.

Our compound lining machine with new technology is based on a revolving system of six heads; each head is provided with a rotating turntable and one rocker-arm for curling and another for compound lining. The application of the compound is adjustable from one turn of the plate to one and a half turn, while the curling is carried out progressively in two turns.

To dry the compound, the production line incorporates a vertical oven of double line and dual loop so that the end can be inside the oven more time getting a better dried. The connection between the curler-compound liner and the oven is through an ends splitter. The ends are sequentially distributed into the drying oven.


The ends are dried by means of a towertype convection oven which provides enough energy to dry the ends at temperatures greater than 100°C. Inside the oven, there is a heating chamber that provide air through a generator to dry off the compound lining.

The machine is equipped with some safety and control mechanisms to immediately detect any anomalies that might be produced in the machine. These devices act immediately, stopping the unit, or preventing it from starting, whichever is the case. Using a control panel, which incorporates a touch screen and buttons to take control of the machine, one can control whatever fault has occurred (start and stop of different transmissions, start / stop turbines, heat, end feeds, compound application, compound lining time, speed adjustment, synchronisation between equipment elements, blockages in the machine, etc.).


- 1-1 1/2 revolutions compound dispensing.

- 2 revolutions progressive roll curling.

- Low maintenance.

- Small dimensions.

- Quick change-over.

- Optional ends-splitter and oven.

- 600 epm for non round ends.

- Now also aluminium ends.