The conversion process of the shell to easy open end requires among other operations the carrying out of the score and addition of the tab and rivet. These operations deteriorate the end base coating, especially on the score, where, due to this lack of protection the oxidation of the exposed metal takes place.

With an object to repair or to cover this exposed surface, in 1989 Mr. José Peñalver developed a revolutionary system using his wide experience in canmaking machinery design.

Peñalver Company
Peñalver Company

The success of this system was due to a simple and cost effective design that applied lacquer with precision on the required area. This success is guaranteed by more than 300 units distributed world-wide that apply lacquer practically without maintenance 24 hours.

Since the first units development, the system has experienced a continuous evolution and improvement, and actually a wide variety of international patented models exist for almost all shapes and sizes of easy open ends.